Double 0 Impro

Double 0 Impro by the Improfessionals

Double 0 Impro – James Bond improvised!

Artistic Director Mark Jane had been kicking around the idea of doing a Bond-inspired impro show for some time. With the imminent launch of the latest Bond film “Spectre”, the team decided it was time to take up the challenge! Double 0 Impro was born.

As well as the man himself, the show features all your Bond favourites: M, Q, Moneypenny, a bevy of Bond girls and a medley of megalomaniacs. Not forgetting hair-raising chases, hideous henchmen, futuristic gadgets and improbable plots: everything you’d expect from a Bond film will be created before your very eyes!

You the audience will invent the show title, suggest suitably exotic locations and give objects to be used as Q-style gizmos! We even create an original Bond theme song in every show!

The shows is physical and action-packed: perfect for non-native English speakers too!

On stage in Double 0 Impro: Robert Brazil, Charlotte Donnelly, Mark Jane, Lexie Kendrick, Elena Michielin

All the action is accompanied by our musical maestro, Antoine Lefort.

The Improfessionals Paris