The Improfessionals Show – Paris

Paris's longest running improvised comedy show in English.

The ImprofessionALS

Improvisational Theatre Company

Founded in 2001 in Paris

Improvisation Theatre Classes

At Impro Academy we teach weekly improv classes in both French and English for anyone who wants to improve their improvisation skills for theatre and acting.

Spontaneity, listening and acceptance are essential for anyone who wants to be alive and interesting on stage... or in life!

Corporate Workshops & Events

The skills that make improvisation work on stage are the same used in good communication. We have many years of experience teaching for companies.

"The Improfessionals ran a stellar team building, skill building, and fun event for our group of 100+ tech leaders. The small group break out sessions with the Improv coaches got even the biggest skeptics moving, engaged and smiling, and their after-dinner Improv comedy show was riotous.  We had fun and built relevant job and life skills."

Tilke Judd, Product Manager at Google

The Improfessionals Paris