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The N° 1 English Comedy Show in Paris since 2001

Anything can happen in The Improfessionals Show - creative wit joins forces with spontaneous genius in a comedy show that reinvents itself at each performance!

We are a theatre company dedicated to improvised entertainment in all its forms. Since 2001 we have offered a wide variety of shows to Parisian audiences, from fast paced sketch orientated shows, experimental physical creativity and classic soap operas to character driven full length plays – always improvised of course!

Our troupe is an eclectic mix of improvisation actors from all over the world (England, USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark and Sweden). Apart from talent and personality, each actor also brings his or her culture to the table, which makes for a unique combination of skills and experience.

Add to this the music and sound effects from our improvising musical maestro and you are guaranteed a fun and entertaining night at the theatre!

Our shows attract a mixed crowd of expats, locals and visitors - a great opportunity for everyone to meet and mingle. Why not make it a perfect night out and join us and our international fans for drinks or dinner just around the corner from the theatre?
Essaïon Théâtre, our current venue, is located in the heart of Paris - right behind the Centre Pompidou. Before and after shows we meet at L'Excelsior on 20 rue du Renard. Hope to see you there!
L'Excelsior, 20 rue du Renard

Rendez-vous at L’Excelsior before and after The Improfessionals Show!