Who is Lucy?

Lucy is our mascot. Here below you can see the critical moments in her development.

It was Mark who created Lucy in the spring of 2001 for our first flyer. The image was inspired by the woman on the cover of the 1946 winter issue of the Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine: a young blonde showing emotion and lots of skin.

Magazine cover and mock-up of the first Improfessionals flyer.
From old magazine cover to the mock-up of the first Improfessionals flyer.

The mock-up of our first flyer is historical proof that Lucy preceded our company name and that Florian‘s “Théâtre Sans Sens & Sans Chaussettes” (later Impro Academy) was the beginning of the whole Improfessionals adventure.

We are not sure exactly when or why we started calling her Lucy, but we know it happened within the first year of her existence. Here is how she appearead on our first many flyers, photocopied on various coloured backgrounds.

Lucy as she first appeared on our flyers.

Lucy as she first appearead (May, 2001), soon getting a stronger outline and eyes looking up.

She clearly saw something right there in front of her… before she turned her eyes to the sky. Or perhaps the ceiling. What did she see up there? What was she looking for? – The mystery of Lucy had begun…

In the summer of 2002 she went through a painful metamorphosis and briefly ended up looking like she could have a career in Disney movies. For some reason we were not very comfortable with that. In hindsight, maybe we were just jealous.

Lucy's going through a metamorphosis.
Only the image on the right was used – and only once (June, 2002).

To everyone’s relief Lucy returned to her old racy self, her eyelashes grew visible, and soon (2004) she appeared in colour. Four years later we had her revamped entirely from scratch. Her dress changed from blue to red-ish, and her preferred background was now… green.

Lucy in living colour: 2004, 2008 and 2012.
Lucy in living colour: 2004, 2008 and 2012.

In 2012 it was time again – entirely from scratch and back to black. Has Lucy now reached her final form or will she change yet again? Who knows? And why is she now looking to the side? The mystery remains intact…